Of Chicken Curry and John McClane...  

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7:58 PM, Bangalore

Last week was wonderful. I finally worked up the courage to cook chicken at home and decided to try my hand at some chicken curry. There's this lady called Meenakshi over at HookedOnHeat and she has some of the best Indian recipes around. Really simple and delicious!

Things started out in a fun way as I left the chicken out on the counter to thaw only to read online after a while that its the worst possible thing I could have done short of murder. Apparently I had provided bacteria a fertile breeding ground by leaving the chicken out and would probably repent for this sin. I rushed about to rescue the situation - by thawing the chicken in cold water. Now that things were back to normal I went ahead and created my masterpiece. Have to admit it tasted lovely once it was done! Don't really know if it was my ego or my taste buds. :)

Also, managed to lay my hands on the Die Hard quadrilogy! It was awesome fun reliving the maverick moments of John McClane as he single-handedly hands out large portions of whoop-ass to the baddies! Yippie Kay Yay Motherfucker! I really think Die Hard 2 has one of the best climax sequences of all action flicks!

Theo, a friend and fellow animator over at DreamWorks has promised to get me GTA4 for my PS3 tomorrow! I've been dying to play it!

The only downer this week was that we lost to Liverpool. Of all godforsaken teams to lose to. With an own goal to boot! We played awful football. That's all I have to say about that. Dismayed as I am, I feel Villareal had better watch out.

Also, there are a lot of things in life that I want to buy so if anyone has a million odd dollars lying about that they're looking to get off their hands, no questions asked - I'm your man.

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