We're Now Open!  

Posted by Aayush Sharma

5:14PM, Bangalore

The offices of DreamWorks Animation India were officially opened today! The entire team of the Indian, French and American artists and managers were present. There was a sumptuous breakfast followed by speeches by Joe Aguilar and Erik Vignau. The day was ended with a traditional ceremony to bless the facility and bring us good luck for the future.

We have some outbound training and orientation programs planned for the rest of week and should start on some production by the beginning of next week.

Why Everyone Needs a 5 Day Week  

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1:13 PM. Bangalore

Yesterday, my loving wife took our car to the office. I have Saturdays off and she doesn't. On her way out after work she managed to have the car befriend a pillar in the car park. Now the car needs a new door and a paint job. This is why I feel Paprikaas should have a 5-day week.

Poor thing though, felt so guilty that she cried her eyes out. So I had to console her. With Dominos pizza and lots of coke. The drink. Not blow. Though I'm sure that would've worked better.

In any case, she's fine and that's all that matters.

Why Mallus Rock 01  

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A lot of people would probably have heard this before but its too good to pass up!

Anyone know who sang it?

Photos Now Online  

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All the photos from my trip to the US for training with DreamWorks are now available from the right navigation bar. Comments are welcome!

Kung Fu Panda in Theaters July 11  

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Paramount Pictures is releasing DreamWorks Animation's latest CG feature Kung Fu Panda in theaters across India on 11 Jul.

The movie is a must watch for families as well as for kung fu lovers! It combines world-class animation with stunning visuals and a great story to create an entertaining film for viewers of all ages.

One of DreamWorks' best films to date, KFP features the voices of Jack Black as Po the Panda, Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu and Ian McShane as Tai Lung.

More info and trailers - http://www.kungfupanda.com/

The Return  

Posted by Aayush Sharma

10:13 AM. Bangalore, India

Back in India.

It is raining!

The flight back was a culmination of disasters. First, we got seats in the tail. Which means that the damn plane vibrates even when it's stationary. Secondly, the in-flight entertainment system died at London. So all we had to look at was an image of clouds. For 9 hrs. Third, the wonderful airline food. Vivek heard the host say fish fry (We were both conjuring up images of large pieces of juicy, sumptuous fish, bathed in the freshest curd, marinated in mysterious spices from the coasts, fried to a crispy brown perfection) when it really was fish pie (Fish in muck). Gross.

Fortunately, he and I figured out why this was happening to us; so that our warm beds would feel more comfortable, our TV would be more entertaining and most importantly, the wife's cooking would taste like food for the Gods. And it did.

Have a couple of days to un-jet-lag before we hit Linux again. Advanced, no less. Cannot wait to get started on actual work.

Recommended listening : Fake It - Seether


Posted by Aayush Sharma

1:18 AM. Los Angeles, California.

First post.

I am an animator. A lighter specifically. I work for DreamWorks.

Just spent 6 weeks at Glendale, CA training with a group of great people up at DreamWorks Animation SKG. Tomorrow, I have a 22 hour flight back to Bangalore, India that I am really not looking forward to. First time in my life I will spend an entire Sunday cooped up in an aircraft.

The US is much more pleasant than the media back home makes it out to be. Not everyone here is a war-mongering, blood-thirsty maniac wanting to bomb the next country they find back to the Stone Age. People are really friendly and helpful.

Went to the 4th of Jul celebrations. Fireworks by Marina Del Ray were amazing.

Can't wait to get back to India though. Miss my wife, family and friends. Miss the great food! Miss driving on the left.

I hope it's raining.

That's it for me for now. See you on the other side of the world.

Recommended listening : It Ain't Like That Anymore -Alice in Chains