Walking is Dangerous  

Posted by Aayush Sharma

9:10AM, Bangalore

I was reading an article today about how two beat cops stopped and fined a techie for walking "late" at night (2:30AM). He was returning from a movie and had dropped of his friend to her house and was walking over to his. Am I to understand that we're not even allowed to be outside late at night? I can understand all the drunken-driving and large groups being rowdy bits but a guy peacefully walking by himself? What sort of risk did he pose?

Speaking of walking, I walked from my place to Knightsbridge and noticed a ton of garbage at the side of the road. Usually, I am cocooned in the ignorant safety of my car and I was walking on a sidewalk after a really long time. I, like most people in this country, was desensitized to all the garbage strewn all around but this walk was a real shocker. It wasn't just regular garbage either. There were heaping piles of medical garbage too - gauze, bandages, face-masks, syringes etc. Made me shudder. Also made me understand why people walk on the road instead of the sidewalks and why the expats keep talking about the amount of shit on the streets. They've not been here long enough I guess.

Reccomended listening - Walk by Pantera


Posted by Aayush Sharma

3:00PM, Bangalore

It's been forever since I posted on my blog. It isn't because there has not been enough stuff happening in my life, rather I've been lazy about sharing.

A recap then:

1. My dear friend Erik V has left DWA to join Paprikaas as HoP. I wish him all the best. A lot of people were sad that he left but I see it as a good thing. Better to have him stay back in India with his wonderful family for another year than to have him return to Portland, Oregon like he wanted to. EV - We are yet to drink many a Blue together, sir.

2. Another dear friend and my mentor, Greg J, has left Bangalore and is returning to DWA, GLD. He will be sorely missed. A perfectionist and a metal-head - truly an awesome combination.

3. Yet another very dear friend, John F, has left India and is returning to PDI, SF. He was one of the first expats to arrive in Bangalore and was (and still is) a good friend who I will miss a lot.

4. I'm a bachelor for a few days while Uma visits her parents and beloved pooch Scamper. I had to do the dishes today as well as put out the clothes after washing. I haven't yet taken out the garbage and I'm beat. I dont know how she does it but I'm glad she does. I miss her.