Puppy Rescue  

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I rescued this poor fellow on Saturday night from the bushes near the main gate of my apartment. He was mewling for mommy/food and even though my wife was initially hesitant about me bringing in a stray, she finally consented. He stayed with us overnight, lapping up diluted milk and soft bread.

I called CUPA the next day to take him away. Scooty was quite upset the whole time. The little one mostly just slept. CUPA sent their ambulance at night and took him away. I hope their vets can clean him up since he had a lot of ticks and fleas.

I think we got him out of the house just in time. I was beginning to get attached to him and I barely spent any time with him.

So cute.


So cute ! You have a <3 heart of Gold.......maintain it.

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